Spin-off Hannin-tachi : File 3 Castle of Wax Murder Case Chapter 1



(Rouningyou-jou Satsujin Jiken)

Castle of Wax Murder Case

Chapter 1 (English)

The Detective Novelist Wax Doll Maker, Takigawa Kahoru!
April Release #7
The late post of spin-off Hannin-tachi, Castle of Wax Murder Case.
This chapter will explain the preparation of Castle of Wax Murder Case.

Note : For Indonesian translation, I will upload it later after my job at real life have done.
Beware!! This spin-off contains a heavy spoiler from the past cases.

Also, you can read all of our release online at mangadex. (English only.)

Download File 3 : Castle of Wax Murder Case - Chapter 1
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Download File 3 : Kasus Pembunuhan Puri Boneka Lilin - Bagian 1
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