Spin-off Hannin-tachi : File 1 Opera House Murder Case Chapter 3



(Opera Zakan Satsujin Jiken)

Opera House Murder Case

Chapter 3 (English & Indonesian)

Oh, My Phantom!
July Release #5
The continuation of spin-off of Opera House Murder Case.
It's time to kill the second victim.
But, the Phantom struggle for the preparation.

In the end, he success killed the second victim.
And again, there is another problems.
He killed someone that shouldn't have to!
The murder must going on.
So, he can be the Phantom of The Opera!

The Phantom's Catchphrase (Indonesian)

Beware!! This spin-off contains a heavy spoiler from the past cases.

Also, you can read all of our release online at mangadex. (English only.)

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Download File 1 : Kasus Pembunuhan Gedung Opera - Bagian 3

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